Jerry Wang (Guangsheng) Wang, a native of Tianjin, China. He has taught a Chinese traditional instrument - Erhu, at the Tianjin Conservatory of Music for over 25 years. Painting has always been his second passion. His art works have been published in the Tianjin Daily Newspaper and the Tianjin People’s Fine Arts Publishing House Magazine. He has presented his art works at Cleveland Ohio areas such as Lakewood Arts Festival, the Rocky River Art Show, the Hudson Public Library, The Cleveland Public library, and the John Carroll University. Mr. Wang collaborated with the Cleveland Classical Guitar Society. He also gave lectures and art demonstration classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cleveland State University.

His passion for fine arts has passed onto his elder son, Tony Wang, he is now a well established artist and designer in Toronto, Canada. His design firm - TWdesignstudio.ca - specializes in interior design and 3D rendering for major companies in Toronto.

Guangsheng Wang is very grateful for his opportunity in America. He hopes to display more his passion in Chinese traditional music and art to more people.


New Canada gallery location opened at Vaughan of Great Toronto Areas! Orders accepted.

Credit cards become acceptable in US event locations. Soon will be available in Canada location.

Most art works now on sale. Please check gallery section to see prices.

Placing orders are welcomed for paintings, stone seals, greeting cards and fold fans. Orders can be placed through phone or email for both Canada and US locations.